关于 is the online shop for modern parents who value high quality products and personal sales advice and don’t want to be dependent on fixed-location stores. Personal purchase advice for all its customers. A trained service team and a passion for high quality child and baby items. The story of its online shop begun in 1999. So it is one of the online pioneers in the children and baby outfitting sector. What started as a dream quickly developed into a leading international online shop for high quality baby items. Lots has changed in the last 19 years. It quickly grew out of the small family house where it all began and the number of employees it had had to be adapted to meet the increasing demands it was facing. Today, the range has 20,000 selected products,sold by 50 employees in more than 80 countries. But what hasn’t changed is the goal that has pursued since it was founded: “Making a better world for children.

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