IWOOT is an online retailer offering a selection of homeware, gadgets, gizmos, toys and office accessories as well as organised adventures. All the products it sell are rigorously tested for fun factor. This has frequently resulted in some mildly amusing slapstick injuries. I Want One Of Those (or IWOOT to its friends) has almost too many ridiculously good gifts, gadgets and games. There’s a gift for everyone on IWOOT, even for that person you know who has absolutely everything. The company was founded in January 2000 by Tim Booth, Angus Clacher and Mike Morrison, with Dave Booth joining later that year as MD, with an initial investment of £15,000. On 26 October 2004 Kleeneze plc acquired IWOOT for £6.0 million in cash to be paid over a three-year period plus performance related deferred consideration of up to £4.65 million, payable over three years.

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