关于Giglio is an independent global fashion destination devoted to style and the utmost attention to detail.
We offer over 300 established fashion and luxury brands across womenswear, menswear and kidswear to customers in over 150 countries.
Built on innovation, freedom and multiculturalism, our vision stems from our stores, located in the heart of the Mediterranean. We strongly believe fashion, just like style, are meant to dress the soul even more so than the body.
We are on a never-ending quest for beauty and the clothing, shoes, bags and accessories we handpick from the most innovative, creative and iconic designers reflect just that.
Proudly Made in Mediterraneo, we have built our identity on a truly unique melting pot of cultures and influences that breathes life and passion into everything we do.
We are headstrong and we never settle. We are always ready to go and launch into the next step of this fantastic journey we want you to be a part of.

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