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COSME-DE.COM Established for over 10 years, COSME-DE.COM is a subsidiary company under the famous Japanese Online Beauty Store, COSME DE NET. Following the footsteps of its parent company, COSME-DE.COM adheres to the business cultures of Japan, which emphasize quality and details. COSME-DE.COM maintains a high standard in product management and make sure the quality and freshness of each product. COSME-DE.COM offers professional customer service, and fast, safe and sound delivery. Their professional procurement team continues to source the most prestigious products from around the world for each of their valuable customers. COSME-DE.COM strives to offer the best quality, the newest products at the lowest prices to cater to every customer’s needs. Their aim and priority is to provide the best services for their customers.
COSME-DE.COM keeps on expanding its business and global presence. In the coming years, it will be launching more shopping websites for different countries in different languages to bring a borderless shopping experience for customers worldwide. You will be able to experience a seamless shopping experience anytime and anywhere!

1. 点击“复制”按钮,然后点击“去购物”按钮,我们会引导您到商家页面。
2. 将您喜欢的产品加入购物车,点击右下方“PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”按钮。
3. 在“DISCOUNT CODES”中输入框中粘贴第1步中复制的优惠码,并“Apply”。

* 券码有适用的网站(包括地区)或app,请通过“去购物”按钮进入适用的网站,更换地区可能会导致券码不适用。

* 以上促销每日更新,但因产品库存或商家政策影响,部分促销随时可能会有变动。具体折扣信息请以商家购物车页面显示为准;如遇到无效或者促销信息不准确,欢迎联系Extrabux,谢谢!

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